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Cheers to HXD’s Debut! Wrapping up the First Months and Ringing in the New Year

December is in full swing and we are wrapping up our first couple months since launching the Human Experience Design (HXD) Community! Looking back on this past year, we are so grateful to have had your support as we shared our first community milestones:

  • In November, our very first members met each other on the Wave 1 Welcome Calls
  • In the same month, we also announced our launch in the Fabric newsletter
  • Since launch, members have shared unique ideas for using Fabs and Journeys in the HXD Discord Server (like, have you ever thought of using Fabs to reward reaching fitness goals?)
  • This past couple of weeks, we hosted our first Creator training calls with HXD Community members

Looking ahead to the new year, we are excited to announce a new, weekly newsletter that will be shared with our members. This newsletter will share perspectives and content around sparking human connection through technology, enhancing live events with shared experiences, and examples of how Fabric’s technology has created measurable impact at live events. 

We’ll also be hosting our first in-person Idea Jam early next year in Los Angeles! Stay tuned for the date and time.

In 2024, we’re also looking forward to welcoming more Experience Makers into the community. If you know anyone who is searching for new ways to engage live event attendees or is passionate about building tech that spurs social connection, share our website with them! share their ideas and start meaningful conversations around sparking human connection through tech.

We’re so excited to keep growing the community, empowering visionary creatives and experience makers to create their own mixed-reality Fabs and Journeys! We’ve already seen many innovative ideas from our members, and in 2024 we hope to provide our members with exciting opportunities to bring their ideas to life.

Hope you have a wonderful December, and see you in the new year!

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