HXD | Introducing the Human Experience Design Community

Introducing the Human Experience Design Community

Where tech ignites in-person connections

The Human Experience Design (HXD) Community brings together experience makers, visionaries, designers, developers, and experiential professionals to collaborate, ideate on how to build a future where technology serves as a catalyst for meaningful in-person connections. Our community empowers these creators to become experts in Geospatial Web technology, weaving new stories of human connection.

Powered by Fabric’s no-code Creator platform, the HXD Community invites members to envision a future where live events transcend individual experience and offer unique, shared experiences. Our members get access to Fabric’s Creator platform and free training to bring their mixed-reality ideas to life in the Geospatial Web. One of our core member experiences is the Idea Jam, where members collaboratively brainstorm unique ways to implement mixed-reality Journeys for live in-person events. Brands, sports teams, organizations, and members are all welcome to initiate Idea Jams around their upcoming live events.

HXD community members will also have access to one-of-a-kind creative and professional development opportunities, where members will get to meet other like-minded individuals who share their vision of a more connected future. We create spaces for our members to connect remotely and in-person through our Weave IO Local series of events, where members participate in fun, gamified Geospatial Web activities with each other. 

Together, we hope our community’s vision for creating human-centered, Geospatial 

Web-powered experiences will ripple throughout the industry.

Sound interesting to you? 

Join our exclusive waitlist now and be in the next wave of invitations to HXD’s events and get access to Fabric’s no-code creator platform.

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