On the Horizon | Journey through the Geospatial Web in 2023

Fabric has set out on a big mission: To create a world where everyone belongs. To achieve something this bold, we had to create an entirely new paradigm for how people interact with their real world locations and each other. Belonging is best nurtured in person, where people can look you in the eyes and validate your feelings and share moments of excitement, joy or disappointment. 

In this context, it’s fitting that Fabric is building the Geospatial Web to bring these ambitions to life. The Geospatial Web unlocks unlimited use cases for Gamification and Social Interaction. The potential for creating human-centered technology interventions that bring people together through interactive game dynamics and the human desire to connect cannot be overstated. 

But in 2023 we moved from aspiration to consistently delivering on this promise, and it has earned us some exciting accolades. Just this month we learned that we are a finalist for the Sports Business Journal’s Best in Extended Reality Award for the “NBA Space with Fabric.” This recognition is the culmination of years of work to understand the way that people consume content in mixed reality and how they can be incentivized and rewarded when doing so.

We worked major league events from coast to coast and as far north as upper Canada to unlock a new medium of communication that facilitates transformative live event experiences. 

We are just getting started.

The opportunity to bring people together in real life in itself inspires a sense of unlimited potential. With Fabric’s platform enabling teams, leagues, venues and events to publish and deliver mixed reality content in the geospatial web based on time and location allows for new loyalty and rewards programs, new data capture, more personalized experiences and ultimately, deeper loyalty and sense of belonging for everyone.

Through the journey of 2023, we unlocked an insight that will change the geospatial web forever: People want to earn into opportunity, rather than pay to unlock benefits. Too much of commercial engagement is predicated on a purchase to prove loyalty. People buy something for $5 and they get points. Buy enough, earn enough, and you can enjoy additional rewards. 

We learned that people are willing to go the extra mile to work for rewards, and in doing so, become much more likely to purchase anyway. 

We are turning relationships with fans and customers from purely transactional to interactional. Interactions alone deepen relationships, whether between people or brands and customers, interaction leads to more interaction. This builds a virtuous circle in which interaction leads to transaction and back to more interaction. 

Sarah and I had this belief long ago, but this year we saw that journey come to life in full. Creating experiences that fans and customers can participate in, leads to the exact goals every team, league, venue or event holds at the top: more revenue, more loyalty, and more success.

Transactional relationships are tenuous at best. Interactional relationships are deep and long lasting. They can stand the test of adversity and can build passion that unlocks new possibilities. 

This holiday season, we hope you find time to interact with the things that matter most to you, creating memories that last a lifetime.

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