Loyalty & Rewards in Mixed Reality

Fabric is poised to redefine the landscape of digital engagement and lead generation, presenting an unparalleled two-sided marketplace that bridges brands with high-value opportunities through strategic activations. Our innovative platform seamlessly integrates with teams, leagues, venues, events, and cities, creating a symbiotic ecosystem where each partner benefits from the shared success.

As Fabric embarks on a trajectory of significant growth, our foundation is already robust, anchored by partnerships with premier leagues and ongoing discussions with numerous teams. Beyond this, we are expanding our reach to encompass over 500 major events, each representing a substantial revenue-generating opportunity.

Our unique proposition lies in the gamified loyalty experiences we offer, positioning us as a pioneering digital medium for live experiences.

Fabric Spaces emerge as a groundbreaking concept where our partners—teams, leagues, venues, events, and cities—take the helm in promotion, creating a fertile ground for sponsors to engage in high-value lead generation. This process is streamlined through our mixed reality experiences, ensuring leads are not just collected but are of the highest quality and relevance.

The implications of Fabric’s model are profound, tapping into media budgets with a tangible, measurable ROI. This is not merely about incremental gains; it’s about transforming the revenue landscape for our partners. From teams to individual players, the potential to generate revenue off one’s likeness in mixed reality, targeted directly to a specific audience, represents a new frontier in digital revenue streams.

Fabric is not just introducing a platform; we are creating a revolution in digital engagement and monetization. Our approach promises to significantly impact our partners, offering a direct path to capturing the value of digital interactions in live settings. This is the future of engagement, a future where every experience is an opportunity for growth, every interaction a potential lead, and every partnership a step towards unparalleled success.

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