Product Bytes | 2023: A Year of Innovation at Fabric 

2023: A Year of Innovation at Fabric 

As we close another remarkable year, it’s time to reflect on the incredible journey we’ve had at Fabric. 2023 was a year of groundbreaking product launches and significant customer engagements, each quarter marked by unique themes and advancements.

Q1: Elevating Fan Engagement

In the first quarter, we focused on enhancing fan experiences. January saw the introduction of our own Points System and Fan Leaderboard in Space, setting the stage for massive gamified and interactive fan experiences. February brought the exciting 3D Prize Drop Fab and in-space QR code scans, coupled with Social Sharing featues. March was notable for the launch of Fabric’s Guest Flow in Space (to support anonymous user sessions within Space) and the Real-time Space Analytics Report, offering deeper insights into fan interactions. In Q1, we hosted 3 large scale events with a major US sports league, a testament to our growing impact.

Q2: Context-Based Personalization

The second quarter was all about context-based personalization of fan experiences. In April, we launched the feature of In-space Image Scans, powered by custom ML models, offering []. In May, we introduced some advanced features like “Image Scan to Launch Fabs” and new gamification features of “Complete Fabs to Earn Badge” in space. June’s highlights were the FabCast App to broadcast the live metrics on the in-stadium Jumbotrons, and the Real-time Draft Poll Fab in Space, enhancing the live and synchronous fan experiences.

Q3: Unleashing the Power of Gamification

Our focus in Q3 was on developing a robust Gamification Platform. July marked the launch of the Fabric’s Gamification Platform, featuring plug-and-play points, badges, and leaderboards, alongside In-space Commerce Fabs and Prize Redemptions with Points. August introduced the Fabric Signed Flow, and September saw the debut of Fab Triggers, allowing us to synchronize in-space experiences with the rhythm of the game . In Q3, we hosted 6 large-scale events with 3 major US sports leagues.

Q4: Democratizing Creation with No-code Tools

The final quarter of 2023 was dedicated to empowering human experience designers through our No-code Creator, which entered private beta in October. November brought Journeys on Creator and Creator Invites, along with In-space Advanced Analytics. December saw the introduction of Creator Subscriptions, Redeem Fan Pass, and In-space Prize Inventory. Our year concluded with a bang, hosting 9 events with 3 major US sports leagues.
As we look forward to 2024, we’re excited to continue this journey of building the geospatial web for live experiences. Thank you to our team, partners, and customers for making 2023 a year to remember!

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